The registration desk will be open for kayaks/canoes from 7:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

All participants must come to the registration table on arrival the day of the event in order to sign the necessary waivers, and get assigned your start time.


  • Speed rules. Fastest boat to the bottom wins.
  • No gate (except slalom races, see below). No bonus points for style.
  • Rafts depart at two minute intervals at a set time (as previously assigned.)
  • Racers are responsible for being ready to go at their assigned time. If you aren’t ready, too bad. No exceptions.
  • The arrival time at the finish is recorded.
  • Race time is established.
  • Don’t argue with the timekeepers – they’re volunteers and this is a fun race.
  • Kayak racers depart at one minute intervals
  • Short boats and long boats will race together, but the “class” will be noted on their time
  • Raft teams need at least one racer plus the guide left in the boat to finish their race…


The Race Course will be run from the major river right eddy at Railroad Rapid, and end when the racer touches the marker (with hand, paddle or boat) in the large eddy below Catwalk Rapid (town hall).

Slalom Format (Canoes & Kayaks)

This year the racers will be required to touch the slalom buoys or hanging markers with boat, paddle or hand (not simply eddy in/out).If you miss an eddy you are out of the race. At the awards party you will be asked to confirm if you got them all. Be honest please.

And,if you register for a slalom time, you are expected to race the slalom course in that time slot and not just give up and race to the bottom. It messes up our timing.

Notes on Boats and Classes:

Raft: Maximum six paddlers not including the guide (supplied by Esprit Rafting). Helmets, PFDs and paddles are provided. You will receive a start time on registration. Please plan to be at least an hour early in order to get the safety briefing, get dressed and meet your guide.

Kayaks and canoes must not have a discernible keel or skeg. No sea kayaks or downriver boats.

  • Classes:SHORT: 7’0 feet and under (playboats essentially)
    CREEK: 7’1″ – 9′.0″ (creek boats essentially)
    XL: >9’0 (old school long boats and new era race boats)
  • Please indicate your size and model at registration
  • Race any size in any category
  • If in doubt, you’re in the creekboat class.
  • Kayaks must be plastic. No fiberglass in this race. You have your own races.
  • You need to declare which class you are entering at registration, or else you are in the creekboat class by default.
  • We encourage you to race both classes, plus slalom, plus the boatercross if you like.