HOHW organizers are strongly encouraging all participants to spend the night and take a beautiful drive into Algonquin Park on Sunday morning to tackle the Upper Petawawa section.  Its about an hour from Petawawa to the put in, along a well maintained gravel road.  Normal two wheel drive cars are just fine.

The effort is rewarded by one of the best sections of whitewater in the eastern half of this country. Stacked up Class III and IV rapids in a wilderness setting.  Tons of great technical moves. Easy scouts and walking if you aren’t up for the tougher ones.  Stellar camping too if you are so inclined.

At high water expect continuous or at least connecting Class 4 whitewater with some beautiful big waves, steeper drops and some cool canyon sections. It is similar in nature to the Town Run of the Petawawa but a little more difficult, and much longer. Creekboats are recommended but it has been run many times in playboats as well.  There is a $15 cost / car to enter the park. Although the gate often isn’t attended this time of year, please pay the fare. It is worth every penny.

We are asking that you hike in. Either rig up a strap system or drag your boat. It is mostly level (former) railway track for the 4 km walk. Bring lots of water and some snacks. Seriously folks, this weekend in particular, walk it in.

(There is no planned Animal Race this year.)