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Stand up for our rivers!

The Stand Up Paddle board events will now take place at the “Catwalk” at Centennial Park.  There will be boards, wetsuits and lots of demo equipment available at no charge. Come join us.

We are also organizing a variety of fun race formats for beginners and experts alike.  Register on www.HOHW.ca or come to the event and try your hand at this great sport.

Races will be between 11:00 and 14:00.  Register on site.


The sport of stand up paddle boarding, or “SUP” as it is best known, has been around for centuries but over the past decade the sport has skyrocketed in popularity. Combining the tranquility of canoeing, the balance of yoga and the power of paddle sports, every year the sport sees more and more people literally getting on board.

If you are having trouble imaging this, think of it as a modified surf board on which you stand, or kneel, and paddle with a long, single bladed paddle. It offers a great abdominal work out, develops core strength and balance and is a ton of fun.