Crazy_Train – Giant Slalom (Saturday)

Rough Idea of the Course Map (very subject to change as water levels dictate).

(If you wish to have your slalom run timed, please let them know at registration. You are welcome to race both the traditional downriver styles and the slalom. No additional cost.)

Based on the popularity of the event, HOHW will again host an informal, recreational-style slalom event. Entirely optional, the Crazy Train course will be set by the local paddlers and meant to test, inspire and challenge even the most experienced of HOHW racers.

More ‘giant slalom’ than a traditional whitewater slalom, this event will see demarcated eddies that each paddler must enter, while working their way downstream.  Paddlers are expected to eddy in (facing downstream) and eddy out (bow pointed upstream).

Due to fluctuating water levels, the exact location of the eddies will not be set until a few days before the event. Regardless, you can expect to work pretty hard to catch them all, and the lines will be  tight.  This is a great way to get to know the river, and consider some unconventional lines that may otherwise have missed.

Boatercross (1:00)

This event gets better every year.  More than 30 racers last year and we expect the same again. Racers will gather on the rock outcropping on river right just upstream of Lovers.  The race will begin with  “Le Mans” style footrace start and end at the finish bouy in the eddy below Catwalk (normal finish line).

Rules – Don’t be a jerk. No hitting, punching, pulling of skirts, stealing of paddles or otherwise compromising the safety of the other racers. We know there will be some bumping and battles, but keep it clean, keep it fair and have fun.  This event is purely for show, so make it a good one.  I think we had two swimmers last year and some great entertainment.

If you have other suggestions on events for HOHW, we’re all ears.  Send us an email at