NRS (www.NRS.com)Title Sponsor:  NRS has been a supporter of HOHW for the past few years.  We are very appreciative of their help, and look forward to a strong partnership in the future. 
Whitewater Ontario
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Trailhead Ottawa Paddleshack


ESPRIT Rafting – Each and every year, Jim Coffey and his team at ESPRIT deliver a safe, affordable and exceptional quality experience for all the raft teams that enter HOHW. His knowledge of the river, his team’s skill as guides and his willingness to take on the challenge of HOHW is irreplaceable. Many thanks.

Town of PetawawaWe enjoy a lot of support from the Town of Petawawa’s Park and Recreations staff.  A special thanks goes to Colin Coyle, Mark Reinert, Kelly Williams and Cyndy Phillips-McCann for their time and support.